My blog burden.

Greetings!  It’s been a while since I’ve put pen to paper in my blog .  You may or may not have noticed…. Before hanging up my blog pen over a month ago, I had pretty much lost the will to carry on with it.  Not because of the blog itself – I love putting my […]

Mother’s Day Mugging-off.

I love my mum and like every ‘child’ I want her to feel special on Mother’s Day.  Walking down the street yesterday however, I was horrified by the window displays.  Metaphorical fingers everywhere, greedily beckoning us all to empty our pockets to prove how much we care.  Ever get the feeling you’re being played? I’m […]

What is being grown up anyway?

What is being a grown up?  How do you act your age? Well the obvious answer is that you don’t.  You just be who you be!  Still, I get confused by it all.  I’m fortunate to be told I don’t look 51 and since I’ve no intention of acting it (whatever IT might be) what’s […]

The Bunions Conundrum.

Bunions. Can someone tell me the point of their existence?  I’ve been blighted by these unsightly bony protrusions since I was a young child, hop-scotching in my black Woolworths elasticated plimsolls.  I used to slip them on for school and see those little lumps on the side of my feet, quietly ruining the straight line […]