Cafe working.

I found this fantastic little blog when I was looking for somewhere to get some work done – but not at home. It’s Saturday and the thought of tapping away in my own home on a Saturday afternoon doesn’t fill me with a great deal of happiness.  Well, having read through the top 10 […]

Park Life.

I love urban parks. Just as well since I live in the middle of an urban sprawl, but there’s actually something wonderful about being surrounded by buildings and traffic, whilst still enjoying the space, colours, sounds and freedom of our increasingly scarce green spaces.  Living in Haggerston, I’m surrounded by these lovely little parks – […]

Staying in.

  I’m in such a dilemma right now. I started this blog to encourage me to pull my finger out and get out more often.  “Enjoy the sights and sounds of my City” I proclaimed. I sit here today, a Friday evening snuggled on the sofa, watching Corrie, drinking Red and looking forward to ‘Ink […]

Bucket List Blitz

  Everyone has a bucket list don’t they? I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to  have travelled extensively since my late 20’s – through dogged saving and determination to see the world as far as my limited funds would carry me.  I’m glad to have reached 50 and had a wealth of experiences to […]

Trump Travesty.

  Well I’ve woken up to a circus this morning!   I don’t actually know why I’m writing anything about this farce.  I’m sure there will columns of shock, horror and disgust in the newspapers and I’ve already seen my FB account is filled with exclamations of upset, disappointment and worse. It makes me sick to […]