About the Blog.


Nobody really talks about what it’s like to being a 50 something woman today.  Sliding into middle age, isn’t necessarily the sexiest thing in the world, but it’s 2017 and we’re no longer dowdy prudes unless that’s our choice.  In our mother and grandmothers’ generations, women of ‘our’ age had very different lives, expectations and priorities.  Things aren’t as clear cut these days; we are more independent, opinionated and have more choices than women of any other era.

Despite this, I have still found so many preconceptions of how a 50 something woman should look, speak, dress, behave… sometimes it seems as though we may as well forget we are still vibrant with potentially years of fun and life experiences out there.   Certain friends query whether certain events are still considered ‘appropriate’ for us to go to?  Should we no longer consider rubbing shoulders with ‘young people’ ?  Is it now considered unseemly for us to go out clubbing, dance wildly at festivals or sweat profusely at a gig?  Am I now supposed to sit at home refusing invites, in favour of curling up with a good book?

My blog is intended to be a commentary on being a single, young at heart 50something in London.  Warts (figuratively) and all.  Feel free to join me.  xxxx