Movie Night: Reflections on Bridget Jone’s Baby

Movie Night: Reflections on Bridget Jone’s Baby

I can’t tell you how much I have been looking forward to this new movie.  Twelve years have slipped by (WTF!) but the film starts in true BJ fashion – drinking alone in her PJ’s….”all by myseeeeelf…”

I missed Daniel Cleaver’s sleazy presence, although he still managed to get a rather charismatic photograph on the front pages of the newspapers following his ‘death’ in mysterious circumstances.  The photograph clearly taken around the time of the 1st BJ movie, showed Cleaver at his sexy, sleazy best.  It just served to show how much the other cast members had aged in real life.

Mark Darcy is at his brusque, poker-faced best as the familiar posh love interest.  Now a Silver Fox, he remains erudite, handsome and very very English.  By God, the man scrubs up well!

Rene Zellweger having been savagely mauled in the media for reportedly having ‘work done’ to her face, looked like somebody should look in their mid-40’s (she is supposed to be 43 in the film but is 47 in real life).  I tried to disassociate myself from what I had read about her appearance, however it was difficult.  I loved her naturally hooded eyes and they were definately not there anymore.  Strangely her eyebrows were really ‘natural’ as well.  it looked as through she hadn’t seen a pair of tweezers in a while.  Maybe the film producers think that we Brits aren’t particularly bothered about that kind of thing.  Or maybe once we hit our 40’s British women don’t bother plucking their eyebrows anymore!  Nonetheless Rene is nothing but loveable as BJ; eccentric, calamatous and with that wonderfully consistent accent.

Despite the intervening years, BJ was still the BJ we were expecting – all awkward situations, embarrasing scenario’s and kooky facial expressions.  She didn’t disappoint, yet the fluffy, frothiness of previous films seemed missing.  It was funny, she was engaging and there were more than enough ‘eeeek’ opportunities to wave a stick at, but somehow there was a sense of inertia – not obvious, but hidden in the mood and the feel of the film.  Probably art reflecting life.

Seeing BJ’s tight little gang all smart and properly grownup looking, with kids and plans for “gaydoption” (even if they hadn’t quite managed to relinquish swigging from wine bottles and swearing like fishwives), made me feel nostalgic for the spontaneous, raggedy little troup heaped on BJ’s battered sofa.  The things that had encapsulated the fun and sponteneity of youth evident in the previous films had gone, to be replaced with sensible clothes and children. Thank god there were still good times to be had at 43 – as evidenced with BJ rocking it out at the music festival.

I really couldn’t quite put my finger on it.  Everything was there.  The festival scenes were hilarious, particularly with Ed Sheeran (who needs a few more acting lessons, but was very cute); BJ’s work scenes with the new ‘whip crack-away’ leader and her man-bunned entourage added a different vibe to the previous films, whilst Miranda (BJ’s festival-loving work bestie) is an effervescent revelation.

Emma Thompson’s ‘Dr. Rawlings’ (BJ’s obstetrician) is fabulous.  If this part wasn’t made for her, it surely should have been – eccentric, warm yet direct, she was just wonderful and even though she only popped up now and again as the pregnancy progressed pretty late on into the film, her appearances only upped the film’s anty.  Loved her!

You may wonder why I haven’t mentioned Jack yet – the other potential BJ baby daddy.  Actually he was great: smiley, energetic, spontaneous and with a great gym body (I can say what I like on my blog!), but when the chemistry just isn’t there, even the perfect man is just another guy.  There’s something about Patrick Dempsey that just turns me off. As much as his Jack was amazing, he will always be that Dr. on Gray’s Anatomy and I didn’t think much of him either.

By the end of the film our BJ gets her ‘happy-ever-after’ with Darcy and HIS baby.  She is a vision walking down the aisle.  No trip ups, calamities or disasters.  I had a lump in my throat to see our hapless heroine finally achieving her dream, looking radiant and surrounded by her/our friends and family.

Poor Jack o the other hand ends up being friends with both of them and possibly godfather to the child he spent the entire film thinking was his – I missed the final revelation whilst chewing on a particulary crunchy corn kernal.  I hope this is it for the BJ Franchise.  I have loved being part of her life over the past 15 years and it is now the perfect time for her to ride off into the sunset, never to be resurrected again (unless on SKY Movies).  

Not the absolute masterpiece of BJ Diary, but enjoyed it all the same. xxx

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