Cafe working.

I found this fantastic little blog when I was looking for somewhere to get some work done – but not at home.

It’s Saturday and the thought of tapping away in my own home on a Saturday afternoon doesn’t fill me with a great deal of happiness.  Well, having read through the top 10 cafes to work in, in East London, I decided I was close enough to try Long White Cloud (151 Hackney Rd, Hoxton, London E2 8JL) near Hoxton Station.  I actually go to the fabulous café just down the road from me, but having sat there for entire day on Wednesday remote working, I fancied a change.

As lovely as this place is, I wish I hadn’t.  It is cute and friendly, but…. cute and friendly has to be cuter and friendlier than my local work café for me to return.  It wasn’t.  As well as the fact that the single tables are so small, I ended up thinking I knew what it felt like to be put in a straight jacket for a couple of hours.  My right shoulder (so near to the wall) was so raised and my elbow pinned to my side I almost lost use of it.  Nah – not conducive to being able to use my stupidly big lap top.


I ordered a cappuccino which was nice (but why does everyone give you a regular sized beverage in such averagely small cups)?  I also ordered vegetable and lentil soup.  It was watery, sweet and tomatoey;  not sure where the lentils were, but there was no doubt that they had used generous portions of tinned tomatoes and large chess-sized cuts of carrot.  It was so hot, that even though I’d let it cool down for 10 minutes, I still burnt the surface layer off my tongue when attempting to make fast work of the biggest slab of carrot sitting on the top of the tomato!  I still can feel it throbbing in there.  I’m no cook, but if you are going to charge me £7.10 for a coffee and a soup, I expect something better than what I’d get in a student campus kitchen!


I don’t really want to slag this little place off.  It really is a sweet place, but I probably won’t come back here.  It’s uncomfortable making use of the 4 people tables when the café is full and you’re the only one in here.  They play good music though….

I’ll try some other places and see how they go.


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