Columbia Road Vibes.


One of those things all dog owners will appreciate is a Sunday lie-in.  Unfortunately this is another Sunday morning I didn’t get to enjoy one!

Nine am this morning I was knee deep in mud in Shoreditch Park, throwing a saliva covered tennis ball around a field, having been awoken by Oscar shaking and tapping around in the living room.  Once Oscar started to tire, I still felt it seemed a bit premature to go home (there’s nothing like a dog smile when it’s having a good time)!  I decided to swing round to Columbia Road Flower Market, hoping it wouldn’t be too busy.

If you haven’t been there, I would really recommend you take the time out to have a little wander.  Columbia Road is a small road of Victorian houses off Hackney Road in the East End with a surprising number of independent shops, small art galleries, cup cake shops, vintage clothes stores, delis and interesting yards of antiques.  As you wander through the road, there are usually one or 2 buskers setting the tone for your browsing and when you fancy a break, there are a number of pubs, restaurants and cafes.  It really is something special.

The flower market however is only open on Sundays.  Be warned, by 10am it is rammed.


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