Dog Sledding in Abisko, Sweden.


Well I’m cheating a bit on this one.

This was a trip I took last year as a pressie to myself for my 50th birthday and was supposed to blast 2 items off my bucket list: (1) see the Northern Lights (2) Dog sledding.

Although I saw the Northern Lights, there was a full moon which meant we didn’t get to see them in their full glory.  Annoyingly, it means I’m going to have to go hunting the lights again.  I can’t stop until I see them dance in full technicolour (like they did for Joanna Lumley on the telly)!

The dog sledding experience however was unbelievable.  2 hours travelling at breakneck speed in deep snow, holding onto the sled as if my life depended on it.  I have never been so scared in my life!  I fell off the bleeder so many times I can’t remember.  I didn’t realize it was possible to sweat in sub zero temperatures, but I managed to prove to myself that it is totally possible.

After travelling through what seemed to be miles and miles of beautiful snowy landscape when civilization came into view, I could have cried with relief.  I ached like a bastard (sorry, but there’s no other way of describing the pain) from the braced position I had to adopt to remain upright.  I couldn’t feel my hands my triceps were screaming out for mercy.

‘Happy days.’  That term is reserved for the moment I stepped off the sled and went straight to the bar for alcohol with the rest of the team.  It was a fabulous experience but when I say it was a ‘once in a life time’ thing, I totally mean it was a once in MY lifetime thing.

Wonderful but never again.

It’s my 51st birthday next month and with memories of the cold and aching from the Abisko holiday now a dull memory,  I’ve been inspired to book myself another holiday.  This time, I shall be going to Romania with a Meetup group to stay in an ice hotel (another bucket list item), see Dracula’s castle, go snowmobiling and do a heap of other things in the snow.  Can’t wait.


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