There’s not many times I can say I’ve had a light bulb moment, but today EPIPHANY hit!  And in the weirdest way……..

I was walking into work this morning and despite the dark skies and empty streets felt quite jaunty!  Ten minutes into my journey I passed this on the pavement.  It made me laugh out loud!  Actually when I saw it, there was a massive poo inside the chalk circle….and I mean B.I.G.

My irritation at the irresponsible dog owner was for that moment  overriden by the temerity of the person who had chalked around the offending faeces.  It really tickled me and I wanted to share this laughable situation with someone.  I was a bit embarrassed at taking a photo of a turd on the pavement though so walked past it, kicking myself for giving a monkey’s what anyone thought.  By the time I’d convinced myself to take my phone out, I’d already walked 2 blocks down!  I consoled myself with the knowledge that nobody at work would appreciate a photo of a gigantic dog poo on the pavement anyway……

All day at work this bothered me.  Weird!  It stayed with me because I find things like that funny and I can’t be the only one.  That’s when it occured to me…….. I’ve been struggling with this blog as it had originally been about socialising around London as a 50something.  Having started it, I realised I actually don’t go out as much as I thought I did…. or thought I might have wanted to…… so trying to find material for the blog was becoming a chore.

On my way home after a long day at the office, I decided to retrace my steps to see if the poo was still there.  I half expected somebody to have added to the pavement graffitti, but to my surprise as I approached it the poo wasn’t there.  On closer inspection (surreptiously as I came level to it), I noticed that somebody had walked in it and it was now flattened on the pavement outside of the chalk circle.  How was this even possible? It would have been akin to walking into a pylon!  Must have been somebody checking their mobile phone instead of looking where they were going.  The abject ridiculousness of the situation made me laugh out loud again and this time, I decided I was going to take a photo of it – whoever was watching – and share it with my blog family.

You may realise from this that I am not your run-of-the-mill 50something, or maybe I am, but since we’re middle-aged, we’re also invisible to the masses and not many people know much about us other than what stereotype the media want to portray.  Well get ready, because I laugh at alot of things I’m not supposed to.  I do alot of things we middle-aged women aren’t supposed to and I have alot to say about everything.

So why aren’t I just giving a commentary and thoughts on my life as a 50something?  Here we go……


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