Hello all – Happy new Year 🙂

Well here I am again.  A new year and a new attempt to keep this blog going.

I had the BEST Christmas and New Year celebrations with family; my mum, sister and her family.  A week of rest, chatting and catching up, eating and sleeping.

I realised after a week of family time, as I made my way back to my flat this morning, that part of the reason I was feeling so down was the prospect of coming back to an empty home.  Usually this is something I really look forward to; going back to my own place with everything as I left it and being able to chill out doing my own thing without having to consider anyone else.  However after a week of being around people I love, I realise how much I miss having that company and dynamic around me.  Not only the love, support and company but even the ‘getting on my bloody nerves’ aspect of being around loved ones and the general too-ing and fro-ing of people within a family home.

It’s the lack of being in a relationship with a significant other.  Christmas and New Year were so busy, that although the realisation of another year being single passed through my mind now and again, I was too occupied to give it much thought.  It’s when the celebrations have finished and you are left picking up the reins of normality does the reality kick in.


Once getting back home, I decided to take Oscar for a New Years Day walk in Victoria Park.  It hammered it down.  I reflected on past relationships as we walked home soaked through; I knew that if I had been in any one of those relationships now, we’d have sought shelter in the nearest pub and made the most of the horrible weather.  We’d have run home afterwards and argued who was going to dry out the dog!  One of us would have made a hot Bailey’s coffee (although we’re supposed to be doing Dry January…) and sat down in front of the telly wrapped up in duvets and throws watching films we’ve seen 101 times before.  The Scrabble would probably have made an appearance and then the realisation that there is still a Prosecco in the fridge would have dawned and Dry January would definitately be postponed until tomorrow…..

I’m sure thousands of us (and not just ladies of a certain age) ‘must have had similar reflective moments over the festive period.  I will make a resolution this year to find Mr. Right (again)!  Hopefully I’ll have more luck than last year.  I think I’m in a better place for meeting somebody, but at (almost) 51 years old, I’m not going to take anything for granted.  Keep tuned!

So although a somewhat downbeat first post of the year, I honestly think 2017 is going to be a rollicking good year.  So here we go………



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