Inappropriate Crush of the Month… January


I love tattoos although I don’t have one, much to my annoyance – it’s a long story.  Needless to say I’m loving the current spate of tattoo disaster programs (well you’d know about them if you had SKY), but there’s one in particular that does it for me and that’s Tattoo Fixers. There’s a primary reason for that….and his name is Sketch!

It pains me that I can’t put his photo up here to look at (copyright blah blah blah), so if you don’t have a clue who I’m talking about, you need to google the guy or just watch the program.  Skinny, covered in tats and piercings and young enough to be my son – it really shouldn’t be allowed.

He truly is my guilty pleasure.

Not an ‘Inappropriate Crush’, but since we’re talking Tattoo Fixers, I just want to put it out there that Alice is the warmest, sweetest and most endearing young lady.  If I was a young girl, I would love to be her friend!  Alice – your parents must be very proud! xx


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