Just Jog On (Quietly)…

Rant time.  This one has been a long time coming!

When I think about not judging a book by it’s cover, I think of Oscar my Staffy Cross.  After years of bad press and biased media sensationalism, the Staffy is still seen as a dangerous Demon Dog.

Shadow us down the street and you won’t fail to see children and adults alike: shrinking, crossing the road, shrieking and flinching as he bounces along oblivious to the drama.

Oscar is the sweetest, most passive, loving little thing and yet creates virtual hysteria amongst swathes of the kerb trawling traffic.  It drives me nuts!

I know not everybody likes dogs and that’s fine, so just walk away.  Don’t make an epic out of it; shrieking, shouting, running away, barking at and teasing him – he’ll only think you’re playing and then jump up or chase you.  Don’t let your kids make high pitched noises at him and throw sticks (unless your kid wants to know what it feels like, by my hand) – keep them under control, just like you expect me to keep Oscar in line.

Walking down the street, sitting on the bus, lying under the table whilst I’m having a coffee, Oscar really isn’t bothered with you – despite the fact that your eyes are swivelling around with the mistaken belief that he’s going to rip your throat out!  He just wants to play with his ball in the park, have cuddles, sleep and eat.  You really aren’t that important!

I understand dogs aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.  No problem – just jog on then and leave him alone.



2 Replies to “Just Jog On (Quietly)…”

  1. Aw. It’s that him in the photo, Bridge? He’s a real softie!?

    1. Yes – what a handsome, photogenic little devil he is, eh? xxx

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