Losing that post christmas weight gain (when your middle age metabolism sucks)!


It’s 16th January and we’re 2 weeks post the overindulgence, general gluttony and alcohol excess which characterised my Christmas and New Year.  As ever, all unrealistic ideas to become a gym bunny have hit the dirt and I’m as inclined to start exercising as much as I’m likely to pull on a pair of tap shoes and start dancing in the middle of Dalston High Road!

My waist line has inflated, I have muffin tops even where there is no waistband and no amount of will power can suck this belly in for more than a couple of seconds.   It’s a desperate situation from where I’m looking. Years ago, it would take a couple of weeks of walking to and from work and a minor reduction in my cake intake to see the lbs drop and normality resume.

Now, weeks from my 51st birthday, 2 marathons a week and virtual starvation probably couldn’t rid me of my back fat,  jelly belly and fat thighs.  Lets be clear on this, I couldn’t even run around the block right now…I’m just trying to make a point.    The change is so insidious, I didn’t even realise that things were that bad until this weekend, observing my reflection in a particularly unforgiving shop changing room mirror.  I was under some strange misapprehension that I might be able to capitalise on the January sales and buy some new clothes (my regular size: 12-14).  What WAS I thinking?

The horrible reality has set in.  I am going to have to do something about my weight gain.

I hate this; it literally took me 6 weeks to pile this load on and I guarantee it will take me months to get rid of it.  What to do?  Clean diet, high protein/low carbs (help me!), drop the sugar (kill me now!) or should I just do what I know I should do and be more active and eat less crap.  What about those fat and/or carbohydrate binders that you take with your food?  The temptation to just take short cuts (particularly when it’s become so hard to lose that flab) is so strong.

G-R-O-A-N.  So here it is – I’m going to weigh myself and let everyone see the damage – 11st 7lbs.  An astounding 9lbs weight gain.  Seriously.

I don’t want to turn into Bridget Jones here,  but I think I will have to use my blog family as motivation to get back into shape.  Nothing else seems to work other than the shame of abject failure.  Whatever – it still means sacrifice.  Tut.  Can you feel the simmering resentment?

I’ve been investigating various sources and found some evidence-based information on weight loss.  The link I found most helpful was:


There seems to be a lot of interesting information in there, so I’m going to start following it and keep you in the loop.  At this moment, anything under 11 stone will suffice.  I just don’t know why I do it to myself.



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