Throwaway mentality.


It’s 4th January and already the roads are strewn with discarded christmas trees; most of them still fresh and vital looking after several weeks (if that) sitting festooned with decorations in peoples’ homes over the festive period.

I’m by no means Ms. Bah Humbug – I love the season – however I can’t help but feel uncomfortable when I consider the thousands upon thousands of trees which are grown and then harvested to sit in our front rooms for a few days a year.  Next year the same and the year after…Isn’t it just a bit gratuitous?

I know these trees are grown for this purpose and most will go into recycling plants and be made into mulch, wood chippings or fish habitats or something, but it just seems a bit too throw away to me.  Oh, I know I sound like a right old party pooper, but when you think about the scale of this – not just nationally but internationally – I can’t even imagine the number of trees decimated for our enjoyment over so few days.

I looked into it online and know that discarded christmas trees – as long as they are recycled – can be put to good use, however many people just throw theirs out and don’t try to get them collected by the council.  The Carbon Trust has warned that when trees are left to decompose, they produce gas which is bad for the environment.  They also look pretty crap when the trees have been on your street corner for 3 weeks and have started to collect crisp packets, tissue and become a urinal for the local dogs!

I think I’ll stick with my artificial tree for now.

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