Mother’s Day Mugging-off.

I love my mum and like every ‘child’ I want her to feel special on Mother’s Day.  Walking down the street yesterday however, I was horrified by the window displays.  Metaphorical fingers everywhere, greedily beckoning us all to empty our pockets to prove how much we care.  Ever get the feeling you’re being played?

I’m used to seeing this commercialized emotional blackmail for Valentines Day, Christmas, Summer Holidays etc, but somehow I’ve never realised it on Mother’s Day – or at least not to the degree I saw yesterday.

The flower shops, Thornton’s, Clinton’s card shop and all the usual suspects were pretty much touting their stuff, as to be expected.  No surprises there.  Distracted, I popped into Waterstone’s and was blindsided by the display tables by the front of the shop – every last one with Mother’s Day promotions.  OK I suppose, apart from the fact that every book was about diets or cookery!  Don’t tell me a woman thought that one up?  It’s 2017 but the message was clear.  I walked out in disgust.

I continued browsing, making it my mission to avoid any shop with hard sell Mother’s Day promotions.  Walking past Poundland, I had to laugh.  For some reason I was surprised that they had a Mother’s Day window display.  Maybe you could make mum feel really special with a £1 bunch of plastic flowers and some cut price chocolates.  In the spirit of Waterstone’s, you could buy her some cleaning products to go with her diet books.

Coffee time:  Pop into Costa and have a read of the Metro – ah, here we go.  Why restrict Mother’s Day to only a day when you can extend it into a weekend, or even a week-long break?  Most people realise their mums would love an all expenses paid break, but can’t afford it.   Call me naïve, but why does demonstrating love always have to revolve around money?

Home:  It’s late and I’m tired.  TV on – ads.  I’m maxed out by the MD promotions but know I’ll have to sit through the ads now (just incase I’ve walked outside with my eyes closed for the past fortnight).  For those of us tiptoeing the peripheries of Menopause, any slight tweak of our heartstrings will cause a torrent of tears (I speak for myself here);  I’m Easy Prey.  I’m finding the ads quite emotional this year and then Now! (3219) ‘That’s what I call Mum’ comes on.  Are you having a laugh? “There’s no better way to show your appreciation this Mother’s Day!” Excuse me whilst I make a dash for the toilet…..

Do you know what I think?  I’m not a mum (only to Oscar the dog), but I have one and it doesn’t take rocket science to know what she would REALLY love on Mother’s Day.  And it wouldn’t cost a thing.  To have her family around her, spending quality time together and actually showing through actions, that she is loved and appreciated.  I do wish we could all stop thinking buying ‘stuff’ makes everything better, and realise that doing/being means far more.  Top the visit off with cards, flowers, chocolate (by all means) and then do the washing up after dinner.  I’m sure she’d love that much more than chocolates (although the diet book might come in handy then)!




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  1. You can imagine what it feels like for those of us who never had mums.
    Bridge, some harsh statements re Pound land, if a wee one went in and bought something out of whatever little money they have out of their own volition, I am guessing their mum would be really glad at the thought and effort, especially if family are very poor.
    I am hoping to meet Oscar at some point.

    1. I thought someone might say that Christel, but I meant it in an ironic way and it was directed at adults. I know kids would probably buy something cheap, but even a crayon drawing would be viewed as wonderful – not just buying something. I am of the belief that doing is better than buying. Doing costs nothing and says everything.

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