My blog burden.

Greetings!  It’s been a while since I’ve put pen to paper in my blog .  You may or may not have noticed….

Before hanging up my blog pen over a month ago, I had pretty much lost the will to carry on with it.  Not because of the blog itself – I love putting my rants and thoughts down for posterity – but because of all the fluff you have to do in the never ending endeavour to increase views and subscriptions.

When I first decided to put ’50somethingyearsyoung’ into the public domain, I made the mistake of thinking I would just carry on as I had the previous 6 months when it was my private online journal.  I thought all I had to do was set up the page and then merrily tap away, throwing pearls of wisdom or rants (in my case) on the page and let any random passer by read it!

All good until I joined a number of Facebook groups, attended some blog parties and generally attempted to integrate myself deeeper into the Bloggers Community.  It is so much bigger than I ever realised.  It soon became evident that many people write blogs with a view to earning cash from sponsorship, affiliate sales, developing courses and providing ‘value’ information that people will pay for.  The opportunities arising from blogging are huge.

The more I learned, the more frustrating this entire thing became and the more competitive and demoralised I felt.  I simply wanted to write a blog about things that interest me, that people may or may not want to read.  I’m not teaching or offering anything other than my opinions and thoughts.  I wasn’t bothered about earning cash from my ramblings and to honest, I wasn’t that bothered about readership numbers either.  After all, I had been doing it for myself for 6 months with nobody reading it.

After joining the various Bloggers Community sites and integrating myself into the culture, it took less than 6 months to become totally demoralised with the whole thing.  I lost sight of why I had started doing this and it became all about getting increased readership and viewing numbers.   You’re advised to access all forms of social media to capture interest from the the online community.  I joined the Niume and Bloglovin’ platforms, created a Pinterest and FB page, joined Instagram, flirted with Twitter and considered SnapChat.  That’s when it became too much.  I just couldn’t bring myself to Tweet and the thought of Snapchat just made me want to weep.  I was already spending all my spare time either blogging, reading about blogging, keeping up with the blogging community forums, updating my Instagram, Pinterest page, Facebooking and responding to comments from all of those media.

All I wanted to do was read a book and put my feet up!

One evening I opened up my laptop to start another blog post when Coronation Street came on.  It became a Blog v Corrie toss up and Corrie won by a very long mile.  I was so relieved not to be writing the post that evening.  The realisation I wasn’t enjoying blogging became very clear and since nobody had a gun to my head I decided to jack it all in.

A month later, I’ve had time to reflect.  I’ve extracted myself from most of the blogging forums, update my Instagram and FB only when I’ve got something I really want to post, whilst Twitter and Snap Chat can go whistle alongside my blog Pinterest page.  I’m no longer taunted by the ubiquitous ‘how I got 1 million readers in a week’ posts and the pressure to spend every waking hour finding ways to earn from the blog.  No more reading about  the importance of  ‘analytics’ to see who’se reading me, what sex they are and where they hail from.  Removing myself from it all has taken the competition and pressure away and brought the enjoyment back.

Today, I found myself wanting to write just because I wanted to.  Not in fear of my readers deserting me in disgust  because I hadn’t written in a week.

As much as I love and am constantly amazed that anyone would spend their precious time reading my posts, it’s not as if I know!  It’s not like I get a tenner every time everyone clicks on my link.  I am ever grateful for people’s feedback, comments and the knowledge that someone is enjoying my writing.  The feeling is amazing.  But if nobody reads something I sweated over for a week, I don’t know either.  In the end, I’m writing for myself and that’s why I started this in the first place.  The fact that others may enjoy my missives is a massive bonus, but not expected.

I’m just happy to be back!






2 Replies to “My blog burden.”

  1. Oh Well Bridget – 2 positives:
    1) At least you realized sooner rather than later that you didn’t want to be part of all that commercialism, stress and wannabes and now enjoy things for yourself.
    2) You are now much more au fait with social media platforms!!!

    As far as social availability and technology – i have always been a luddite.

    Re your Natural Curly Hair post of FB – re SCRAAAAAAM – I remember when I was 16 I went to a hairdresser in Watford who actually cut my hair similar to that – but a very definite pyramid shape. The only time i came out of a hairdresser absolutely crying my eyes out. Need to remember as well that this was 1973/74 and there weren’t any mixed race hair styles then, not like now when all sorts of hair types are routine on the streets.
    Mind you, it was another hairdresser in Watford who agreed with me when I said monkeys have better hair then me!!! Of course, if a hairdresser said that to me now, I could perhaps claim damages for emotional distress……………………………..

    1. OMG – that’s awful Christel! I think you’ve got great hair and it always looks edgy and flattering however you style it. That post did make me laugh though. I think it’s a rite of passage for the curly-haired to have suffered pyramid hair. Its still a struggle not to shave the whole damn lot off!

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