Seriously – what is this crap all over the telly?


I’m not a TV snob…….

As an outed non-discerning tv watcher, I have always enjoyed lightweight, facile programming.  I’m of the ‘Benny Hill’ generation, after all.  I can’t help but laugh at the all kinds of smut which comprised Saturday night light entertainment in the 70’s;  Sidney James is a hero mine!

I enjoy punctuating thought-provoking documentaries (cough) with extremely easy viewing:  any ‘Carry On,’  Jim Carrey’s idiotic face-gurning (still) and Ricky Gervais (in the Office – still), Tattoo Fixers…. Corrie.  Looking at what tickles my TV watching fancy, I think it’s fair to say my tastes are hardly sophisticated; which is why I can’t get my head around the profusion of drivel on our channels at the moment.

Am I being hypocritical to say I absolutely hate the crude and lewd behaviour so prevalent on TV these days, having just said I enjoyed Benny Hill etc?  I suppose so.  I see the comedy of Benny, Sid, Kenny Everett and such as vulgar in it’s day, but compare that to 5 minutes of Geordie Shore, Big Brother or many youth oriented shows and we’re talking something a world away from mere titillation.  It seems that bums and boobs are on display within minutes and give it a couple of hours before individuals are already bumping body parts!  Not only that, but we then come the obligatory night vision shots of said action.  It really isn’t necessary.

I suppose the solution is ‘turn off then.’  I definitely remember thinking that when my parents used to complain Mary Whitehouse style, when pursed lips locked demurely in tame black & white movies.  The reality is, this is everwhere – not just mainstream programming, but in music videos and adverts.  Is it too much to ask for just one perfume or watch ad without a sex show back drop?  I can’t believe this is me speaking.  I’m no prude.  I’m more open than the next person, but bloody hell.

So much on TV is superficial crap.  The films have been on 101 times, the comedy just isn’t funny and I now can’t watch the news as I’m continually bombarded by sad/bad/negative and skewed media propoganda 24/7.

I think I need to get Sky Box Sets.







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