Trump Travesty.


Well I’ve woken up to a circus this morning!   I don’t actually know why I’m writing anything about this farce.  I’m sure there will columns of shock, horror and disgust in the newspapers and I’ve already seen my FB account is filled with exclamations of upset, disappointment and worse.

It makes me sick to my stomach that a nation could vote for this loon.  I’m watching the reams of TV coverage with jubilant crowds espousing ecstatic proclamations of how this man “understands us” and “is speaking our language.”  Really?  This billionaire tax evader?  Does he have to scrimp at the end of the month to buy food for the table?  Is he really speaking your language when he gold plates his private jets?  I’m not saying he’s never known hardship or hasn’t worked for his fortune,  but please don’t try to convince me that he is a Man of the People.

Certainly the kind of People he might be ‘The Man’ of,  aren’t the kind of people that I think I would want to share my life with.  If their views reflect the kind of crap  spouted by Trump during his campaign, they are the kind of people I wouldn’t even give the time of day to.  He and his putrid views disgust me.


The effects of this election are evident on my way to work.  I usually cycle, but I’ve been unable to peel myself away from the TV screen so am running late for work now.  I reluctantly take the train – dreading the passive aggressive shoulder to shoulder commuter jostle experience.  Today it isn’t like that; strangers chat to each other about the US horror story unfolding by the minute.  A young man in front of me is speaking to a friend in Florida and puts the conversation on loud speaker where you can hear his friend cursing with horror “fuuuucccck that shheeeet”!  It was the most lively train journey I’ve ever enjoyed – other than on a couple of rowdy New Years Eve cattle truck journeys!

Arriving at work, you can still hear waves of conversation about this catastrophe.  There is nowhere to escape.  It’s hard to focus on work – everyone has an opinion on this event.   It’s ironic that the media commented on how the US were laughing at us following Brexit.  I’m sure it’s media propaganda, but you can’t help but think ‘Really’?  This has got to be a long mile worse than that!  This  guy is even besties with Putin – another bigoted megalomaniac.


I’m not an expert on american policies, but I’m sure I am right to be concerned for the rights of minorities – not only the obvious Mexicans and Muslims who received such short shrift in Trumps diatribes, but blacks, gays and other LGBT populations.  Even women may see their fight for equality affected.  Imagine being in a Trump winning state and not being one of ‘the forgotten man.’  What a pile of bollocks.  Forgotten man?!!

So what’s in store?  Who really knows – there were a distinct lack of concrete policies discussed during the months of rhetoric, but it seems that those election promises which really seemed to get his fans frothing at the mouth included:

  • “The Wall”
  • banning Muslims from the US
  • removing Obamacare
  • pulling american support for international climate change agreements

I wait with great apprehension to hear what will happen to:

  • rights for women, ethnic minorities, gays
  • policy around gun carrying
  • abortion
  • the right to protest

I end my day at home and Trump is still monopolizing my TV viewing.  It’s a crazy time and I fear there are dark days ahead for America.  His tone is conciliatory when Hilary concedes defeat, but I’m not buying it.  Only time will tell.







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