Tube Strike Blues.

Tube strike!

Why oh why didn’t I know about it?  I’ve stopped watching the news regularly because I’m just sick of hearing about war, war,war and Trump.  The downside is that there’s a tube strike on my door step and I didn’t know.

What a palava getting in today and I only live 60 minutes walk away from my work place.  The problem is, I took a different route to Old Street thinking I’d take the bus in, instead of cycling like I usually do.  On arriving at the bus stop, there was clearly something remiss with tens of people crammed in front of the bus shelter….(as people so often do these days instead of queuing the proper way round (Grrrrr)!

10 minutes went and no bus.  What is going on?  Sod this – I’ll walk to the next bus stop down.  Millions of people had clearly had the same idea.  The bus arrived and the scrum to get on was frightening.  Think Black Friday in Asda!

Next stop:  Old Street tube.   Doh!

Back to the bus stop.  Even bigger crowds.  One good thing though, everyone was talking to each other, a rare feat at any event.  I even got hit on by one guy….unfortunately as I usually do, I made my excuses and decided to walk instead of using the fact that nobody was going anywhere, to see where our flirty conversation would lead.   Talk about self sabotage. Tut.

I got into work 45 minutes later (a little sweaty), feeling pretty pleased with myself.  I don’t think I could say the same for the poor people in the mile long taxi queue outside Kings Cross International, buses filled to capacity and honking cars bonnet-to-boot from Old Street roundabout to Euston station.

I watched the news today and apparently there is more to come.  I’ll be riding my bike tomorrow.

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  1. Bridge, even I knew about this strike and I don’t live in that London! ????

    1. I work in Kings X, so am in the thick of things when the strikes arise. Thankfully I can walk there if I give myself enough time, so having to fight to use public transport isn’t something I would usually have to do. It’s a nightmare!

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