Wilton’s Music Hall: Camille O’Sullivan

So this evening I went out with a few friends to see Camille O’Sullivan at Wilton’s Music Hall.  I don’t know what to rave about more; Wiltons the world’s oldest surviving Grand Music Hall located in the East End or Camille, a wonderfully exuberant and quirky (London born, Irish bred) singer and performer.  Today she was singing songs from Jacques Brel, although ended her repertoire with a tribute to Leonard Cohen and Bowie.


We actually got front row seats, which was a bit of a bonus!  Her boyfriend Aidan Gillen (‘Little Finger’ from Game of Thrones…although I know him better as Stuart from Queer as Folk) was sitting behind us on the 2nd row!  We met him in the bar afterwards and he was down-to-earth, friendly and agreed to photos.  To be honest, I think he might have been scared not to…our table was a bit raucous!!
The gig was amazing.
Eccentric.  Flamboyant.  Spellbinding.
A perfect venue for such a talented and unconventional performer.
Wiltons Music Hall venue:
 Renovated but left in a pleasingly unfinished and in some parts, decrepit aesthetic.  The exposed rough brick and unpainted wall surfaces leave some authenticity to the venue.  I love the fact that it hasn’t been overly modernized and polished.

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